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Kinect HD Face

Kinect HD Face is a feature within the Kinect for Windows SDK, that tracks, measures, records data about a person's face in 3-D (3 Dimensions). The Kinect can track the eyes, mouth, nose, eye brows, and other specific things about the face when a person looks towards the Kinect camera in 3-D. This means we can measure location, depth, distance, height, width, angles, rotations, large and small movements. The screenshot below shows some of the data we can derive from Kinect HD Face.

You can use the Kinect for Xbox One with the Kinect for Windows Adapter, or the Kinect for Windows v2 specific devices to work with this application.

Project Description
This is a C++ unmanaged project which is based on the Kinect For Windows v2 SDK sample: FaceBasics. Instead of using the Face source, it utilizes the HDFace

This project is a modification of the FaceBasic D2D unmanaged C++ Kinect for Windows v2 application. It utilizes the HDFace classes and interface to track a person's face, and view their face animation units.

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